SFMoMA Interactive Map

An Innovative digital map that guides customers thoughout the museum and helps them discover new and exciting artwork.

Project Wayfinding

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has many tourists that visit throughout the entire year from all over the world. They come to learn about artists both new and old, and love learning about the unique styles of art and what there is to discover.

At the SFMoMA, customers need a great a way to nagivate througout the large museum. To help them find their way around the museum is to provide a digital map that will assist and navigate them to discover new works of art.

A Digital Map A beautiful small transparent map that is touch-sensitive. It would be interchangable, be able to give you your current location, where all art is located, and how to get there. Users will be able to watch small videos and pan through on the map's surface.

Gallery Signage Signage and stickers are located around the entire museum. Particular words can be used to target art fanatics with various colors.

Find your way around, discover works of art

A beautiful small transparent map card that is touch sensitive. Interchangable, can tell you where you are, where other art is located, and how to get there. Ability to watch small videos on it and pan through on the map surface.

Museum Walkthrough

Shown below, customers can use the digital map on every floor and have it guide them around the museum. The map uses SFMoMA branding colors to help the customer know where they are, and where they are going next.

Museum Kiosk

Pickup your SFMoMA Digital Map upon entering the museum. Customers can enter their name, view the exhibits they wish to visit, and let the program map guide them around to their desired locations.

Customer Journey,
Museum Wayfinding

Annalisa really enjoys looking at art and visiting the SFMoMA. She wants to plan her trip before she arrives, to see all of the upcoming exhibitions that are on display.

SFMoMA Video

Project Services

This project involves various creative ideas ranging from conceptual product design, digital wayfinding, and interactive design. This project was completed on May 15'th, 2013 and updated on September 5'th, 2016.