Humphry Slocombe

A larger than life ice cream shop located in San Francisco, California.

About this Project

Humphry Slocombe specializes in unique ingredients and bizarre ice cream combinations such an Secret Breakfast (bourbon and cornflakes). Their ice creams are distributed among various stores and eateries in the San Francisco Bay Area

Clean & Creative Design While working closely with Humphry Slocombe, a modern website design was created, revised, and finalized. With website fluidity and ease in mind, the design re-imagined Humphry Slocombe’s style in a whole new way.

Imaging With the use of imagery from Humphry Slocombe, this provided the atmosphere of the store’s locations to be reflected onto the website. A special thanks to Sean Vahey, Wes Rowe, Frankie Frankeny, and Dwight Eschliman for their use of photography in this special project.

Website Development The design and development provides a modern feel with older traditional elements. It was also created in the aspect of being a responsive website.

Humphry Slocombe Website

Made for viewing on all Mobile Devices.

On many different kinds of devices, none of the experience is compromised. Customers can easily view rich content and easily access various area of the Humphry Slocombe website.

Different Browsers and Devices

The Humphry Slocombe website was both design and developed to allow compatability for a wide range of mobile devices, whether they are tablets or mobile smartphones.

A Web User Interface, Catered for everyone.

The website allows customers to view daily and monthly ice cream flavors. This website was developed in Wordpress, making it easy to allow cusomers to see updated content.

Humphry Slocombe
Humphry Slocombe
Humphry Slocombe

Project Services

The roles of this project involved the visual design of the Humphry Slocombe website, the web development in Wordpress, and it’s SEO integration. This project was completed on June 30’th, 2016.