Optical Underground

A luxury eyewear Store located in San Francisco, California.

About this Website

Optical Underground is a 100 year-old luxury eyewear store located in San Francisco, California. They sell both discounted glasses and sunglasses, and also sell contact lenses. The entire store is located in the street’s underground.

Branding & Design In partnership with Bartlett Brands, the Optical Underground logo and a relative amount of photography was used to draft and design certain parts of the new website. Once the layout was finalized, the design of the new Optical Underground website began.

Web Development & Usability The Optical Underground website was developed to be responsive and easy to use by all customers. It was very important that the shopping experience be well-designed and easy to navigate through. This was developed in a Magento platform and the homepage created in HTML5 with modern CSS3 techniques.

Attribution The Optical Underground logo was designed by Bartlett Brands. Certain logo variations were created that would be best suitable for the website.

The Underground Experience

The entire Optical Underground store is actually located underground. Customers can take the doorway stairs to the store floor to purchase eyewear and contact lenses. The opticalunderground.com website reflects this cool experience.

Optical Underground

The Optical Underground Website

A combination of photography and iconography is clearly displayed throughout the website. This compliments the website content and is pleasing to the eye.

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Optical Underground
Optical Underground
Optical Underground

The Thought Process, Website Drafting

Here you can see the thought process from start to finish in creating the Optical Underground Website.

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Project Services

Our role in this project involved content drafting, web design, icon design, digital imaging, and web development in Wordpress, Magento and HTML5. This project was completed on December 28’th, 2014.