OMC Design Group

A compilation of Websites created for various San Francisco Bay Area businesses.

About these Websites

A Plethora of Websites We work with OMC Design Group to design and develop a plethora of websites. We take pride in representing the various San Francisco Bay Area businesses that we work with. We work closely with OMC’s clients to find a solution that best fit’s their needs, whether it be a minimalistic design or a grand website.

All Clients are Special We recognize that all clients are different and have their own specific needs. We always strive to create a creative and unique design or website each time when working with a new client. This in turn helps us to evolve our own design style and learn about new and upcoming trends.

Websites of All Kinds, from Businesses to Restaraunts

Shown below are a combination of websites we have created for local businesses and food industries located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click on any of the websites below to view them.

LiquiSeal Tech - Website

Marina Pizza & Pasta - Website

Marina Pizza & Pasta (Menu) - Webpage

MODE LAW - Website

MODE LAW (About) - Webpage

Comb Parking - Website

Comb Parking (About) - Webpage

United Up Assembly - Website

United Up Assembly (Partner) - Webpage

Momentum Partners - Website

Project Services

The roles in these projects involved website UI / UX design, web development in Wordpress and HTML5, and SEO integration for these various websites. These projects were started on April 15'th, 2014 and are ongoing.