Visual Design / Web Development

Project Details

Client:Gradle Inc.

Date:15th June, 2015

About Project

While working for Gradle Inc. (formerly Gradleware), I worked as a web developer and a visual designer in part of design and developing the website. I created designs and website userflows for the new website, worked on logo and icon creation, Web development within Wordpress / CMS, and CSS development for pages and page elements. I often worked with a team of 7 to 10 people daily whether it is was onsite or remotely.

Gradleware Logo

The Gradleware logo was created in the escence of an open-source platform and used to advertise and sell Gradleware products. It also advertises the Gradle build integration software; however, with the change from Gradleware to Gradle Inc, the logo needed a change.

New Gradle Inc. Logo

This newly created logo was made with the essence and feel of the older logo but with a new and creative style. The logo-mark remained unchanged; however, new typography was made for the logo to reflect the symmetry of the logo as a whole and the new Gradle Inc. style.

New Gradle Website

Gradle Inc

Future Website Designs

Version 1

Gradle inc

Version 2

Gradle Inc

Version 3

Gradle Inc