Beansbins Coffee

A creative coffee franchise location in South Korea.

About this Project

This fictitious website project was inspired by, and based on Beansbins Coffee located in Seoul, South Korea.

Design & Branding Keeping the current logo and branding colors, it was important to design a friendly and easy-to-use website that stayed true to the current brand and, in turn, successfully kept the origin of their love for coffee.

Creative Patterns With the use of textures and patterns, it created a comforting feeling that held true to the look and feel of Beansbins Coffee while still providing a modern look.

Web Development This website was developed for various screen sizes that ranged from a standard desktop display, to a modern tablet and mobile device.

About Beansbins Coffee

Well-known for their delicious waffles and excellent coffee, Beansbins prides themselves on creating and providing the best possible food and drinks for their customers. Founded in 2005, they now have more than 30 cafes within South Korea.

Different Browsers and Devices

The Beansbins Coffee website was both designed and developed for various devices, whether it be displayed on an iPhone or iPad. This allows customers to easily see content and imagery easier without needing to zoom or scroll. it’s easily accessible.

The Beansbins Coffee Website.

The desktop version of the Beansbins Coffee website displays content in a way that can be easily viewed by customers. With the width of the website being a standard size, it is perfect for customers using a standard or HD desktop display.

Beansbins Coffee
Beansbins Coffee
Beansbins Coffee

Fit for Various Browsers and Mobile Devices

Here you will see variou screen sizes for mobile devices that the Beansbins Coffee website can be displayed on.

Project Services

The role in this project involved web design, icon and brand design, digital imaging, and web development. This project was completed on May 5'th, 2012.